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The year is 2026, in an alternate universe where the Cold War was anything but.

Following a heated nuclear exchange in 1994 between the American Alliance and the Eurasian Soviet Bloc, the Earth was devastated, with 70% of the world’s population killed over the course of a decade. With the planet quickly succumbing to radiation, the “space race” became less of a competition and more of a matter of survival. As the world’s foremost scientists dedicated themselves to the study of space travel, the remnants of humanity took to the stars in the early 2000s, leaving their dead world behind.

Now, about 20 years later, old hatreds are beginning to stir. A wary peace between the AA and the Soviets has endured this long, but disputes over planet colonization and shipping boundaries have caused tensions to flare once more.

You are a citizen of the American Alliance, a bleak shade of the once-great democracy it was named for. If you’re old enough to remember what Earth was like, it is only as a burned husk. Today, you make your living in the cold reach of space, far removed from the colonies and orbital stations that now serve as civilization.

Your ship, the AAS Canopus, is a civilian shipping vessel under contract with the American military. You are in the middle of a routine supply run to the American outpost on Triton when the Canopus picks up a distress signal from a Soviet vessel. Cautiously, the Canopus’ captain chooses to investigate, despite fears of a Soviet trap.

This will prove unwise.